A walk around our showroom is a must for anyone thinking of refurbishing your house or replacing fireplaces. With a wide range of wood, marble, limestone, quartz, cast iron inlays and more! We are sure to have whatever you are looking for whether it be contemporary or a traditional style.


Our high quality worktop range is produced with an impressive array of designs aimed at satisfying the needs of customers. Our worktops combine high quality materials and vibrant colours to create gorgeous designs for your kitchen, bathroom or business with various finishes and textures.

Link to brochures of products we stock:


We have a wide range of wood burning, gas, pellet and electric stoves in our store.  Stoves can be up to three times more efficient than an open fire at room heating, with exception to the pellet which is 90% more efficient. We stock a range of stoves for all your room, water and central heating needs in a wide range of designs and colours.


There are a range of accessories for your stove or fireplace including beams, grates, flue pipes and bends, adaptors, chimney caps and more. Don't hesitate to call in or phone to enquire on any of these.


We will to the best of our ability offer any help and advice for your new products and pride ourselves on our after sales service. Don't delay on phoning, emailing or calling in with any questions or concerns you may have.